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AcousticShop.net is an online shop that sells JOCAVI® Acoustic Panels for the United States. JOCAVI was born in 1992 as a manufacturer of acoustic panels and it is a Portuguese company specialised in developing and manufacturing acoustic treatment panels for the professional audio industry.

AcousticShop.net has a varied and thorough offer of high quality acoustic treatment panels that blend well with any decoration and are easily mounted on ceilings or walls, which enables a wide range of applications. Our models offer the designer a large variety of solutions. Several types of absorption and diffusion models deliver excellent performance levels.

Our products offer new aesthetics, a cutting-edge attitude, efficiency, quality and customised design. We propose acoustic products to a high standard, with skills acquired from good taste, ensuring their product excellence, in order to serve the high-end corporate world.

We always look for originality, technological innovation, durability, cost and promptness. We have therefore generated a vast organisational wealth because we share Quality with those who are quality-oriented.

The use of acoustic products in working environments, by taking into account the needs and the modern corporate images, is our passion.

We are AcousticShop.net, your reference in acoustic products in the US.

Easy to buy

Become acquainted with our product range, our brands, the products that we choose, recommend and sell as well as with our overall guidelines and intervention areas.

Our store offers an easy way to choose, simulate shipping costs, and pay securely. All products we offered in the palm of your hand…

All products can be shipped for all U.S. territories by FedEx Economy or Priority. If you are an international customer you can request a Shipping Quote for international shipping by contact info@acousticshop.net.

Your satisfaction with our product is our goal. Contact us if you have any questions regarding our website or any of the products we offer. With 25 years of experience in the world of acoustic industry, our staff is very knowledgeable about the products we sell and provides the best customer service possible to make sure you are satisfied with our products.

Application areas

We have the solution for the most demanding ears, be it for Audio Studios, Video Studios, Radios, TV Stations, Auditoriums, Concert Halls, Cinemas, Sports Halls, Industrial Pavilions and much more… Swimming Pools, Public Spaces, Commercial, Offices, etc., even for your own Listening room at home.

JOCAVI® presents acoustic treatment panels which blend well with any decoration and are easily mounted on ceilings or walls.

Our tasks

The passion for Musical Acoustics has guided my life since I was a child. The taste for this matter with the tenacity to create and develop has been giving the market, under JOCAVI® name, numerous high quality acoustic solutions.

For over twenty-five years I have had the pleasure to make this journey that makes me feel accomplished and honoured, with a work dedicated to those around me, my friends and co-workers.

JOCAVI® has now more than 100 different acoustic products on the market, catalogued, organized and available for the most complex and demanding applications, as well as for the most practical and simple on the world of environmental acoustics. We are always improving.

Welcome to the JOCAVI® world, a wide range of Acoustic Solutions.

Yours faithfully,

João Carlos Vieira

Founder and CEO

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